Trans Mountain   Expression of Interest for Employment  
Trans Mountain Expansion Project

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project is working to identify individuals who are interested in employment opportunities. We are committed to maximizing opportunities for Indigenous, local, and regional residents and if approved, construction will take place in a phased approach with approximately 4,500 workers employed at the peak of construction activity. Please review our Jobs Brochure for a summary of the jobs available during the construction and operation of the expansion.


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The following information is being collected for inclusion in the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP) Skills Inventory Database (the “Database”) to form a database of applicants available to work with contractors and employees for various job opportunities on the Project. Some of the information collected will include but is not limited to personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, ethnicity, training and employment status. Some of the personal information requested is required in order for you to be listed in the Database. Where information is optional it will state so in the form. TMEP will retain this information in the Database and will use this information to report to regulators and for other internal reporting purposes, and will provide this form to potential contractors, suppliers and other service providers seeking to participate in the Project. The collection, posting and distribution of this information is not an endorsement of your qualifications for any current or future available positions. TMEP does not guarantee employment on the Project. Should you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information and for more information regarding the Project please visit our website at or send us an email at
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Please use this form to indicate whether you have the qualifications to work in any of the following occupations.

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In the 'Choice 1' and 'Choice 2' columns, select one or two preferred occupations in which you have the training, qualifications and experience to work. If you are currently working in one of the occupations listed, please indicate this in the 'Current Job' column.
Job CategoryTypical OccupationsDescriptionChoice 1 (fully qualified)Choice 2 (fully qualified)Current Job (working in this type of role today)
Administration and AccountingPayroll Clerk
Purchasing Agent
Administrative Support
Field Contract Administrators
Field Cost Controllers
Administering, recording and reporting on financial information. Examine and verification of payments and transactions. Prepare, edit and distribute correspondence or and other written materials
Camp SupportCook
Camp Attendant
Kitchen Helper
Camp Manager
Supervise, plan, organize, direct and control camp and kitchen tasks. Ensure safety. Kitchen and camp maintenance and operations
Construction ManagementProject Managers
Construction Managers
Responsible for supervision and management of the project; manage day to day operations on the construction site; supervision of each of the various construction crews and trades.
Construction ManagementTechincal and Project Support SupervisorsProvide leadership and supervision throughout development and implementation phases of the project; evaluate integrity of engineering designs and plans.
Engineers and Engineering TechnologistsEngineers (Civil, Electrical/Instrumentation, Mechanical, Process, Field)Ensure detailed designs and activities associated with pipeline and facilities construction comply with regulations, specifications, and contract documents.
Engineers and Engineering TechnologistsEngineering Technologists (Drafting, Civil, Electrical/Instrumentation, Mechanical)Provide technical support to engineers during construction of pipeline and facilities; prepare engineering designs, construction specifications, cost and material estimates, project schedules and reports.
Engineers and Engineering TechnologistsSurveyorsDevelop survey plans and conduct surveys to establish and mark legal boundaries of properties; analyze, manage, and display data using geographic information systems (GIS) and computer-aided design and drafting.
Environmental and Safety Compliance RolesEnvironmental and Aboriginal MonitorsInspect and ensure compliance with environmental regulations
Environmental and Safety Compliance RolesSafety Inspectors / AdvisorsEvaluate and monitor health and safety hazards and develop strategies to control risks in the workplace
Environmental and Safety Compliance RolesSecurity OfficersConduct mobile and foot patrols at camp and construction sites; check for signs of damage, theft, or intrusions; control vehicle and pedestrian access to the work site; monitor work areas for hazards and respond to emergencies.
Environmental and Safety Compliance RolesEmergency Medical Responders/TechniciansAdminister pre-hospital emergency medical care to patients with injuries or medical illnesses and, if necessary, transport them to hospitals; assess extent of injuries or medial illnesses to determine emergency medial treatment.
Heavy Equipment OperatorsOperators (Bulldozer, Trackhoe, Grader, etc)
Operate and control heavy equipment such as excavators, graders, bulldozers, backhoes, and pipe-laying machines (side booms)
Heavy Equipment OperatorsCrane OperatorsOperate mobile tower and boat/barge mounted cranes to life, move, position or place equipment and materials.
Heavy Equipment OperatorsSide-Boom OperatorsOperate side-boom tractors using hydraulically operated booms and lifting tackle to lift and manoeuver heavy items; lowering welded pipe segments into the trench.
OperationsOperator Technician
Control Centre Operator
Maintaining, monitoring and operating sites including conducting repairs, preventative maintenance and maintaining good work order
Semi-Skilled WorkersLabourers
Trades Helpers
Survey Helpers
Pipeline and pump station and terminal workers, assist tradespeople and perform supportive labour activities on the construction site
Semi-Skilled WorkersTraffic Controllers (Flag People)Direct and manage traffic at or near work sites. May require Traffic Control Certificate
Technical InspectorsChief Inspectors
Technical Inspectors (Ground Disturbance, Pigging and Hydrotest, Senior Welding, Pipeline, Craft)
Monitoring, controlling and overseeing construction activities and procedures
TradesWeldersUse manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal pieces together
TradesPipefittersInstall piping, prefabricated spools, valves and various equipment during facility, pump station and terminal construction
TradesElectriciansInstall, maintain, test, troubleshoot and repair industrial electrical equipment and associated electrical and electronic controls
TradesCarpentersAssist with set-up and maintenance of construction camps and yard infrastructure
TradesIron Workers/Steel ErectorsFabricate, erect, hoist, install, repair and service structural ironwork, precast concrete, concrete reinforcing materials, and other metals used in the construction of buildings, pipecracks, etc
TradesBoilermakersApply paint and other finishes to interior or exterior surfaces of buildings, tanks, piping, structural steel and other permanent structures
TradesMillwrightInstall, maintain, troubleshoot and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment
TradesOther Trades (Plumbers/Gasfitters, Heavy-Duty Mechanics, Instrumentation Technicians, Insulators, Sheet Metal Workers)Instrumentation Technician, Reinforcing Ironworker, Insulator, Sheet Metal Worker
Truck and Bus DriversTruck Drivers (Flat Deck, Fuel Truck, Gravel Truck, etc)
Parts Runners
Hydrovac Operator
Responsible for moving supplies, equipment and people to and from construction sites. They operate vehicles including water trucks, fuel trucks, gravel trucks, dump trucks and other specialized transportation vehicles
Truck and Bus DriversBus DriversBus Drivers

Safety Certifications

Indicate any safety certificates you have completed in the list provided, including expiry dates. List any other relevant certificates or training programs you have completed in the additional space provided.
CertificationsI haveExpiry Date
ATV Training
Confined Space Entry Training
Driver's License Class 1
Driver's License Class 2
Driver's License Class 3
Driver's License Class 4
Driver's License Class 5
First Aid Training
Ground Disturbance Tickets
Pipeline Construction Safety Training
Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Please list any relevant training programs you have completed


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